Cosplay Battle Royale

Cosplay Battle Royale

Have you ever wanted to see Naruto go up against Kirito? Want to create your own ultimate team of characters? Then this is the game for you!

How the Game is run

  • Cosplay Battle Royale operates on a turn-based system with each team consisting of four cosplayers with the addition of one player that determines their actions.
  • Each player has a hand of three (3) cards and picks up additional cards at the end of each turn.
  • Only one cosplayer is allowed on the field at each round and once they are ‘hit’ or have been ‘sacrificed’ they leave the game.
  • The match continues on until one team has eliminated all opposing cosplayers. The winning team will then compete against the next team until the final two teams are versing for the title of Battle Royale Champions!


  • Once a cosplayer is ‘Hit’, they must leave the game.
  • Players can only play one card per turn unless specified otherwise.
  • No physical contact with the opposing team members. This game is purely for fun and enjoyment.
  • Keep things short and entertaining for the audience.

Players Cards

When used successfully the opponent’s team loses their active player
Your opponent has used ‘Hit’ but you have dodged!!
Defend yourself against ‘Hit’
Counter Attack:
Dodge and attack
Bring one player back to life
Sacrifice your own to kill the opposing player

How to enter

Click the Apply Now button bellow to pre-register, or Sign up on the day at the Cosplay Registration Desk.

If you’d like to find out more, email your questions to our Cosplay team at and we’ll be happy to answer you!


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