AMV Competition

AMV Competition

Whether you enjoy watching hours of AMVs until 3am, or using your creativity to edit an AMV, we got you covered! The SMASH! AMV Competition & Showcase is back, and we invite you (yes, YOU!) to come join us for another action-packed and fun year!

AMV Competition

AMVs are short, artistic, fan-made videos that involve the combination of an audio track with video footage from Japanese animation. These AMVs can vary from being emotional, heart-racing, humourous or fun! The SMASH! AMV Competition involves individuals from around the world, competing against each other to win the top prize, as well as showcasing a variety of AMVs to other AMV enthusiasts!

When you submit your AMV, we will firstly review it, and then once approved, we will judge it based on the concept, creativity, originality, and technical ability. We will then choose our finalists, which will be screened and announced at the SMASH! Convention.


Our categories for this year include:

  • Action – From gunfights to battles on the basketball court, from warriors clashing with each other to high-paced races of any kind, AMVs such as these are surely to make the viewer go on an adrenaline rush or be part of the action!
  • Comedy/Parody – Fights and swipes in action may break our bones, but turning them into jokes and gags can make the audience laugh! Use your skills to make the funniest AMV out there that is guaranteed to make people laugh!
  • Drama/Sentimental – How does the our every encounters and/or relationships affect our personal selves? These AMVs can showcase a variety of things, including the bittersweet moments of a platonic/romantic relationship, teaching us important lessons of life, or maybe go deeper and dive into the psychological mind of the individual by creating a suspense or tense atmosphere for your audience.
  • Upbeat – Sometimes life isn’t all that serious, and you just want to have fun! Want to create an AMV that can lift the mood, or that is really fun and enjoyable to watch (and maybe even dance to?). Then, this is your ideal category where you can use your skills to make the viewer feel like having a great time and be a part of the upbeat mood!


Additionally you can also have the chance to win our Special Awards:

  • People’s Choice Award – This award will be voted for by the public. Watch and vote for your favourite AMV here. You got the touch, you got the power (so you can vote your favourite AMV), yeah? Voting closes 30 June 2019.
  • Judges’ Choice Award – The people have the say, but the judges’ also have their personal say too. This is given to the AMV that the judges like without being bounded by the judging criteria.
  • True Blue Award – Award given to the best AMV made by an Aussie editor. This comp be like when a dropbear and a roo met at Maccas and started a fight. So don’t chuck any sickies and be a hard yakka and win to be a fully sick… um… editor… yeah nah? Nah yeah?
  • Best Technical Award – Given to the AMV that has shown outstanding technical editing using a variety of effects while keeping a ‘flow’ in the AMV.


AMV Showcase

Along with our regular competition, we also have the SMASH! AMV Showcase! The AMV Showcase is strictly not competitive (that is, if you submit your AMV to the showcase, it will be not eligible to compete for any of the AMV Competition awards). If you’re not a competitive type, this might be something for you!

With the AMV Showcase, we want to allow you to submit AMVs that you are proud of and willing to give exposure to, without feeling the pressure of the competition. If you choose to submit your AMV to the showcase, we will go through a small selection process. And if your AMV made the cut, we will then screen your AMV(s) at our AMV Showcase screenings, where hundreds of AMV fans will get the chance to see your amazing work!



So, if you think you have what it takes to enter this year’s competition, or show off your work in the Showcase then why wait?

Be sure to also check out our rules and guidelines!