2018 Art “themed” and Doodling Competition Winners!

2018 Art “themed” and Doodling Competition Winners!

SMASH! Art would like to thank everyone who competed in the Art ‘Themed’ and Doodling Competitions!

As we were blown away by the quantity and quality of your submissions, it also became increasingly difficult to select nine winners out of so many amazing creativities!

SMASH! Art team congratulates the following winners:

Art ‘Themed’ Competition Winners:

Grand Winner: Akumarations “Lluvia Galatica”
Senior Winner: Koemi
Senior Runner-up: Mochi Artworks “A little splash after the rain”
Junior Winner: DeeDee “Sea of wonders”
Junior Runner-up: Phylicia Phoon “A colourful coincidence”



Doodling Competition Winners:

Senior Winner: Ruichen Wang
Senior Runner-up: Echo
Junior Winner: Fei Wang
Junior Runner-up: Ethan Liu



SMASH! Art team will be in contact with the winners with regards to the mailing of prizes for those haven’t collected them on the day.

Once again thank you for attending SMASH! 2018 and have a SMASHing rest of the year!