Best Anime of 2018: SMASH! Staff Favourites

Best Anime of 2018: SMASH! Staff Favourites

2018 was a big year for anime, so we asked the SMASH! team to tell us about some of their favourites. Share yours by tweeting us @smashcon!


Vadim loved Antarctica, also known as A Place Further Than the Universe.

What’s it about? Four girls set off on a trip to Antarctica, each for different reasons.


Cindy’s favourite was Devilman Crybaby.

Milica loved Hinamatsuri and Zombieland Saga.

Milica describes Zombieland Saga as being about ‘zombie idols resurrected from different periods (the 80s, 90s, Meiji period) and goes into an exploration of each of the idol’s reason of death. It really digs deep in the feels as some characters are reunited with old friends in the past. Songs are also so catchy and the opening is so hype!’


What’s Hinamatsuri about?

Yoshifumi Nitta is a Yakuza member whose life is turned upside down when he meets a young girl with telekinetic powers.


Naomi recommends Comic Girls! because it was ‘well written’.


Amy loved Yuru Camp, describing it as “cute girls doing camping things.”


Sherina and Carly both picked Sailor Moon – a classic! Sherina writes of the 1992 version: ‘ I grew up watching it with my cousins and I just love how magical and cute it was – and still is!’

A loved Kokkoku, describing it as an “unusual horror/drama series featuring aspects of time travel with an eye to examining morality in a world where law doesn’t truly exist. It focuses a lot on family (love and responsibility), has an interesting female protagonist and a couple of nice twists.”

 These are just a few of the anime our SMASH! team has enjoyed in 2018! What did you love watching? Feel free to tweet @smashcon, or send us an email at