Wall Trivia

Wall Trivia

Have you got a jam-packed schedule for the SMASH! weekend, and no time for any of that boring writing and listening involved in regular Trivia? Or maybe you just want more trivia fun…

If so, then visit our interactive Trivia wall and try one of our Trivia mini-games!

You might just be a lucky winner!

Boss Challenge

If you’re finding the Trivia events a bit too easy then have a go at our Boss Challenge questions.

We’ll challenge your ego and put your knowledge to the test with these super hard trivia questions. Can you do it without your google-fu?

Get the answer correct and you go into the draw to win an awesome prize.


Think you know all the characters? That you can pick Moka from Lala?

Then have a go at Spell-It-Out and show us your expertise.

To have a go, you’ll need to work out the secret word made up of the first letter of the pictured characters names.

Show us the correct answer and you’ll go into the draw to win a great prize!

Yōkai Bingo

Calling all fans of the supernatural!

Do you think you know your yōkai series? Put your skills to the test and try our yōkai bingo!

To get BINGO! all you really need to do is step up and correctly answer whether the series has yōkai or not. Sounds simple enough, but be careful the yōkai don’t play tricks!

Make sure to answer them right to get a chance at claiming a sweet prize!