Snap Trivia: Suggestion Box

Snap Trivia: Suggestion Box

Ever had a question of your own you wanted asked in one of the SMASH! Trivia sessions?

Have you got something niche that only you know? A series that, to your despair, our Trivia team hasn’t touched on yet?

Well now’s your chance! We’re taking submissions for a selection of your questions to be asked this year!

You may get to see your own question put to other trivia enthusiasts, so you can share in the fun we all have with trivia!

Make a suggestion or just come along and have a go at your fellow fans’ questions.


We will be taking submissions for the Suggestion Box event at the Trivia Room during the SMASH! convention.

Our staff will select a handful of the best questions submitted and ask them to a crowd of attendees.

Please keep in mind that questions must be kid friendly and our staff will filter out any questions they deem to be inappropriate or offensive.


The first one to answer correctly will win a prize.