Cosplay Catwalk

Cosplay Catwalk

Ever wanted to enter a cosplay competition, but didn’t because you were too nervous? Maybe it was just too stressful, confronting or even too much of a hassle?

Well then, whatever the reason is the Cosplay Catwalk might just be the perfect opportunity for you!

The Cosplay Catwalk is a non-competitive Cosplay event that is stress-free and perfect for first time cosplayers or even cosplay veterans. Walk the runway in your favourite homemade or store bought cosplay, answer a few questions on stage and have fun! There are no skits, no judges, no time limits and no stress!

And the best part is that you are all winners! Everyone who participates in the Cosplay Catwalk receives a prize.

Make your way to the Cosplay Registration desk to enter. Spots are limited, so get there fast before it’s too late!!!