SMASH! x Madman Cosplay Masquerade

SMASH! x Madman Cosplay Masquerade

Cosplay Masquerade is your chance to show your creativity for everyone to see!

Whether you’d just like to show off your cosplay on stage, do a fashion-style catwalk, or perform a mini skit for everyone to enjoy, Cosplay Masquerade is a fun and interactive cosplay competition that’s judged by a panel of experienced judges. Most importantly, it’s designed for everyone to be themselves and have fun!

The Cosplay Masquerade is open to anyone who is wearing a costume that is associated with anime, manga, anime-style video games or other content, and artists with heavy artistic influences, or inspirations taken from Japanese culture. Participants with self-designed original characters/costumes will not be eligible to participate.

There are 7 main categories open for competition:
  • Best of Show: Best of Show is the award of all awards. Placing in this category means that Senpai has definitely noticed you! Handmade* costumes only.
  • Best Prop: At SMASH!, we recognize the awesomeness of not only costumes, but props as well. This category is for a prop that really knocked our socks off! Handmade* props only.
  • Aspiring Cosplayer: Open to contestants who have never entered a cosplay competition before or who have never won a main category (globally, not just at SMASH!). Please be honest with your registration, this is a chance to encourage up and coming cosplayers! Handmade* costumes only
  • Best Duo: Cosplay goes hand in hand with dynamic duos and we’re here to crown the One True Pair! Open to entries with two participants. Handmade* costumes only.
  • Best Group: The group with the best construction, finish, and accuracy to characters, as a whole. A group is defined as 3 or more participants. All costumes and props must be made by at least one member of the group to qualify. Handmade* costumes only.
  • Best Skit: The best presented skit. Judges will be considering the clarity of the performance and how entertaining it is for the crowd. Purchased, rented, borrowed or commissioned costume sets are only eligible for this category. Skit contestants with handmade* costumes are still eligible for other categories.
  • Judges’ Choice Award: This is a special award presented to the Cosplayer who leaves the greatest impression on the Judges. This could be any entrant in the Masquerade and could be awarded for any part of your costume or performance.

*SMASH! defines handmade costumes, where store purchased accessories and components are allowed insofar as they represent 20% or less of the finished look.

Runner-up sub-categories will be presented at the judges’ discretion.

Please read the full Rules & Regulations below.


Rules & Regulations

Applications for 2019 have closed!