Are you interested in displaying your itasha at SMASH! 2019? Then sign up for the SMASH! Itasha Car Display!


  • At SMASH! 2019, Itasha cars will be displayed outdoors on the event deck.
  • If you have multiple itasha, please fill out this form for each car that you wish to submit.
  • Your car will need to remain on the site for the entire convention, meaning you will need to organise alternate transport to make your way home.
  • You will be asked to drop your car off, the day before the convention (Friday July 12th) in the evening, and you will be able to pick it up at the end of the convention (Sunday July 14th). Exact access times TBC by a SMASH! staff member.
  • During the convention, the cars will be behind barricades and a no touch policy will be enforced for attendees.
  • The venue is monitored by security and will be locked down after every day to ensure the safety of all cars.
  • SMASH! and the venue do not hold responsibility for any possible damage to your car.

Applications will not be considered until photos of the itasha have been received by If the images do not match the car of submission, it will not be permitted to enter the premise.

Successful applicants will receive a complimentary weekend pass to SMASH!

Your details will remain confidential and follow the SMASH! Privacy Policy.


If accepted into the display, SMASH! will send you an ICC Sydney Vehicle Display permit form to fill out. This form outlines the following rules:

  • A separate set of keys are to be left with ICC Sydney’s Security during the event, in the instance of an emergency.
  • Drip trays are required to be placed underneath the vehicle to prevent spillage.
  • Maximum of five (5) litres of fuel in the vehicle (no need to clear fuel from the fuel line and engine).
  • Battery to be disconnected when vehicles are unattended.