Cosplay Pose Off

Cosplay Pose Off

Have you ever aspired to be a cosplay model, but never had the chance to express yourself? Or maybe there was never an opportunity open?

Well, now it is your chance to test your modelling skills in the most outrageous competition known to SMASH!

The Cosplay Pose Off is a competitive cosplay event where the audience will determine the winners! Two contestants will have to copy a JOJO pose and whoever does the pose the best, wins. The pose will be displayed onto a screen and the contestants will have to hold the pose for 10 seconds.

Each contestant will get an opportunity to bring out their best poses, so whether you are in your favorite handmade or store-bought cosplay, come and join in to win some awesome prizes.

  • The Cosplay Pose off will be held on Sunday, 14th July 2019.
  • Check in at the Cosplay Registration Desk must be done by 11am to confirm that you will still be participating in the event.
  • Any entries that arrive after the check-off time will be considered as not participating.
  • Marshalling time and location for the event will be confirmed upon your check in.
How to enter:

Pre-register via the online form or Sign up on the day at the Cosplay Registration Desk.


If you would like to find out more, email your questions to our Cosplay team at and we will be happy to answer you!


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