LoL 1v1 Tournament

LoL 1v1 Tournament

Summoners Society Smash Community Tournament

The Howling Abyss calls! Come down and participate in our biggest 1v1 League of Legends tournament brought to you by Summoner’s Society.

Brought to you by Summoner’s Society

  • 1v1 Community tournament
  • 256 Player Bracket
  • 52,000 RP in Prizing
  • Each player in the top 50th place will earn 520RP
  • Every entrant gets a free skin and champion (if they don’t own it)
  • Brackets will be released before SMASH with times so you can come at your specific times
  • Sunday only tournament

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Summoners’ Society Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct is a generalised guide to rules regarding all Summoners’ Society tournaments, events, and online platforms. These rules apply to all participating in these spaces, in and out of game.  


1. The Basics

Players and community members should follow the “Summoner’s Code” as set by Riot Games and comply with the League of Legends Terms of Use.


2. Community Behaviour

It is expected that all interactions within Summoners’ Society tournaments, events, and online platforms are conducted in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner. This includes towards:

  • Summoners’ Society admins & any tournament officials
  • Teammates, opponents, and all other players
  • Spectators (including when livestreamed)


Behaviour that may be deemed “unacceptable” includes:


  • Language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libelous, slanderous, defamatory or otherwise offensive or objectionable.
  • Language or actions that promotes or incites hatred or discrimination, or any form of hate speech towards another person, identity, or demographic of people.
  • Performing any action or gesture directed at others, or inciting other(s) to do the same, which is insulting, mocking, disruptive, or otherwise antagonistic.
  • Any abusive or malicious behaviour, or any form of harassment.


Unacceptable behaviour will be judged and penalised at the discretion of Summoners’ Society Admins, who can issue warnings and bans as they see fit, as well as tournament penalties and disqualifications.


3. Tournament and Game Behaviour

To protect both competitive integrity and the experience of participants, any unfair conduct in games and events hosted by Summoners’ Society will be considered unacceptable and result in penalties.



Unfair conduct includes:

  • Cheating, in any way, such as:
    • The use of cheating devices or 3rd party software to manipulate the game.
    • The modification of League of Legends through hacking the game files.
    • Intentionally exploiting bugs in the game to obtain an advantage.
  • Spectating the game through monitors or other means to have an unfair advantage.
  • Intentional disconnection from the game.
  • Playing under another player’s account, or directing someone to play under another player’s account.
  • Forming agreements with an opposing player(s), team, or anyone involved to manipulate the game, to cause advantages to one side or effect the outcome, such as intentionally losing for any reason.
  • Purposefully ruining the game experience and enjoyment for other players.
    • This can include, but is not limited to, griefing, intentional feeding, in-game chat behaviour that is aggressive, abusive, or otherwise unacceptable (see section 2.1), refusing to play or communicate with the team, and/or other methods of sabotaging the game experience.


These rules apply to those in and out of game. Teams and organisations can also be penalised when involved with unfair conduct, regardless of whether all players and team staff acted. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis, at the total discretion of Summoners’ Society.



Additionally, each tournament and event hosted by Summoners’ Society will have its own individual ruleset, differing to suit the format. Participants will be required to comply with any rules listed or given out by the admin(s) in charge.

4. Penalisation

Any person, team, or organisation found to have engaged or attempted to engage in any act or behaviour that Summoners’ Society deems unacceptable will be subject to penalty. The nature and extent of the penalty will depend on the offence and context of the situation. The decision on what constitutes penalisation and the severity of the penalty is solely and absolutely at the discretion of Summoners’ Society and the admins.


The following penalties may be issued in the case of a violation of the Code of Conduct, breaking the rules of a tournament, or any other action that is considered unacceptable within Summoners’ Society:


  • Warnings given verbally or through direct message.
  • Revocation of permissions to send messages, posts, or use voice chat in Summoners’ Society online platforms.
  • Suspensions from participation within the community, including tournaments, events, and the Discord server and/or other online platforms.
  • Penalties within the current tournaments that the player(s) or team/organisation is partaking in, including loss of side selection and/or bans.
  • Disqualification from tournaments, including automatic forfeiture of games/matches, loss of tournament placement, and/or loss of rewards.
  • Bans from any or all Summoners’ Society tournaments, events, or online platforms, temporarily or permanently.


Repeated violations are likely to incur escalating penalties, however, penalties may not necessarily be imposed in a successive manner. Penalisation is entirely at the discretion Summoners’ Society, and will be issued as deemed according to the nature of the offence, regardless of the history of the player(s) and/or team.


All decisions regarding misconduct within Summoners’ Society tournaments, events, and online platforms, are final. Decisions made with respect to the Code of Conduct and/or the rules of an individual tournament or event cannot be appealed, and shall not give rise to any claim for monetary damages or any other legal or equitable remedy.


The Code of Conduct may be amended by Summoners’ Society as needed in order to best maintain a respectful and safe community environment.