Welcome to the new SMASH! website

Welcome to the new SMASH! website

Welcome to SMASH! website 2018. Our IT team has been hard at work designing the new theme: Uchouten.


The name is a reference to the amazing anime Uchouten Kazoku (The Eccentric Family). Fun fact – the anime is based on a novel written by Tomihiko Morimi, who has penned Tatami Galaxy and The Night is Short, Walk on Girl.


The goal of the website is to create a pleasant and intuitive experience for all our attendees who want to know what’s on for SMASH! 2018. We aspire to deliver a better experience of our website with better navigation and ease of exploration. If you come across any bugs, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will squash them right away! If there’s any suggestions or feedback you have or content you’d like to see, do let us know via our Contact page.


For the developers and designers out there, feel free to check out our component library: SKit (SMASH! Kit), where we’ve outlined all the components and how they are ideally coded. SKit’s mission is to ensure that the user experience is consistent across all of our sites and services.


We hope you like our new website and look forward to seeing you at SMASH! 2018.