Artist Market

Artist Market

The Artist Market is our space for artists from all over the world to come together to exhibit, sell and showcase their artistic talents.

Table Options

Below are options for different table packages.
  • Half Table - $190
  • Full Table - $350
  • Double Table - $700

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SMASH! Artist Market?
SMASH! Artist Market is a place for upcoming and inspiring local artists, to share and sell their work.
What is the price? Can I get extra passes for a helper?
The cost of a Half Table package is $190, the cost of a Full Table package is $350, and the cost of a Double Table package is $700. The Half Table package comes with one (1) Artist Pass, the Full Table package comes with two (2) Artist Passes, and lastly the Double Table package comes with four (4) Artist Passes. Additional Artist Passes cost $55 each, with a maximum of four (4) Artist Passes per package. (Artists with the Double Table package cannot request additional Artist Passes.)
How will applications be handled this year? What is the process?
As we strive to provide the best experience possible to both Artists and Attendees, the SMASH! Artist Market for 2019 will be converting from the ‘first-come first-serve’ application system to a juried application system. Submitted applications will be evaluated, with final judgments based on set criteria which is fair for all. As such, early submission of an application will not guarantee a spot in the SMASH! Artist Market, as in previous years. We believe in being open about the criteria of our juried selection process. The most important factors in the evaluation of applications include:
  • Adherence to SMASH! Artist Market Rules and Guidelines, with removal of any incomplete or duplicate applications.
  • Diversity of product offerings, merchandise, and mediums.
  • Professionalism and completeness of portfolio.
  • Relevance to SMASH! as a family-friendly manga and anime convention.
Applications will be taken from Friday 1st March 2019 to 22nd March 2019. It is the applicant's responsibility to take time in filling out the form to ensure it is submitted in the most complete and error-free manner possible. Careful attention should be paid to the email and social media fields to make sure there are no misspellings.
What are some tips as an applicant?
Understand and adhere to the SMASH! Artist Market Rules and Guidelines: Numerous applicants are rejected every year for failing to understand or adhere to the Artist Market rules and guidelines. Commonly violated rules include selling traced or copied artworks, inappropriate or adult content, or altered versions of official artworks. Please make sure to read the Artist Market Terms and Conditions. Diversity and differentiate your products: SMASH! does not hold any preferences for particular styles of artwork, artistic mediums, or choice of content. However, SMASH! does strive to exhibit a diverse Artist Market. We love representation from 2D art and illustrations, photography, clothing, crafts, trinkets, jewellery, pins and badges, and other unique offerings. Make sure your portfolio or social media is prepared and professional: SMASH! loves Artists who are enthusiastic, bring a good amount of work, and are eager for a go at the SMASH! Artist Market. However, applications that demonstrate very few pieces of work, or applicants who are unprepared and might have a sparse table at the Convention are less likely to be accepted.
How and when will I know if I am successful?
Once the application period is closed, applicants can expect to receive table offers or waiting list notifications via email no later than early April.
Why was I not accepted?
There are many reasons why an application may have not been accepted (or waitlisted.) This includes (but is not limited to) incomplete applications, misspelled emails, but more than anything a large number of qualified applicants. Unfortunately, table spots are limited and no decision is ever personal. Staff members evaluating Artist Market applications will recuse themselves for any applications of family or friends with close ties to ensure the fairest decisions and best experience.
What should I expect?
Before the convention:
Make sure to pay for your table and passes to receive your tickets!
On the Friday before the convention:
Artists can arrive on Friday to begin setting up their table. Artists can also begin set up on Saturday morning before the event if they wish. All artists should be wearing their own supplied High Visibility vests during both set up and pack up. For enquiries or assistance on the day please contact a SMASH! Exhibitor and Sponsors staff member.
On the Sunday Night of the convention:
After the event ends at 5pm on Sunday all artists should immediately begin packing up their tables and exiting the venue.
What is the size of the table?
A Half Table is 0.9m x 0.75m. A Full Table is 1.8m x 0.75m.
What do I get with the table?
A full table package includes two (2) chairs, one (1) black table cloth and a backing wall. You are free to use the backing wall to display artwork provided there is no damage done to the wall
Are there any other ways I can promote my work?
Artists may donate artwork as a prize to one of the numerous events and activities running at SMASH! 2019 (e.g, trivia competition). Artists can also apply to host their own workshop or panel discussion in our panel rooms. These are just some of the various options, please ask us for more details when applying so that we can cater to you!
When do SMASH! Artist Market applications open?
SMASH! Artist Market applications are now open. Applications will close at 5:00pm on 22nd March 2019. Please check the SMASH! social media pages regularly for more information regarding the SMASH! Artist Market applications. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Terms & Conditions


Artist Market Applications for SMASH! 2019 are now closed.