Props Policy

Props Policy

SMASH Inc defines a prop as being any item which is large or heavy enough to cause possible harm, or any item which could cause harm to other attendees or property.



Upon entering either the event halls or rooms on level 5, if you have a prop, you will be asked to go to the Props Check-in Desk to have your prop(s) checked. Your prop will either be ‘checked-in’ or ‘tagged’. If your prop does not comply with the SMASH! Props Policy, it will be ‘checked-in’.

Props that are over 1.2m in length and props that are worn as part of a cosplay or costume (wings, body armour, etc.) exceeding 50cm radius around the body will be required to be checked in.

Any prop that is worn as part of a cosplay or costume (wings, body armour, etc.) which exceeds a 50cm radius around the body will need to be taken off and checked-in.

Collapsible props will be measured at their full length. Collapsible props may be allowed into the venue on the condition that it is not opened indoors, depending on the individual characteristics of the prop, and the SMASH! Props Policy.

If a personally carried item that has been converted into a prop (for example a bag with wings attached) and does not follow the SMASH! Props Policy, it will need to be checked-in. If the item was used to store your personal property, a replacement bag will be provided to store your items.

All swords or props within a sheath will be checked with the sheath ON and OFF but will be measured with the sheath ON.

  • If a sword or prop outside of the sheath is deemed a breach of SMASH! Props Policy, it will need to be checked in as usual, regardless of the safety of the sheath (e.g. a sharpened sword inside a protective sheath).

We will do our best to check your prop(s) when you enter the Convention, however if we later deem your prop(s) to be dangerous or inappropriate, you will be required to follow the direction of volunteer staff and have the prop(s) checked-in.


This policy is only applicable within the premises of the Convention. If you chose to stay outside the venue buildings, the ‘1.2m prop length rule’ and the ’50cm body radius rule’ will not apply. Once you enter venue buildings, the above mentioned rules will apply. In public spaces, you must follow NSW laws and regulations.


The Prop Check-in Desk is for Cosplay Props ONLY. We will not be taking in suitcases, prams, bags or any other personal items on the day of the event.



Props that are checked in generally will not be allowed within the convention. You will be able to access your props only for the photo booth and certain cosplay events inside the convention. All checked-in items can be picked up at the end of the day, when you leave the convention, or when leaving the venue.


If a prop is approved and deemed harmless, it will be tagged at the Props Check-in Desk and allowed to go inside the venue buildings.


Below are some examples of props that will not be allowed at SMASH! under any circumstances:

  • Bladed or edged props, or metal of any kind such as knives, swords, axes, martial arts equipment, etc.
  • Firearms.
  • Incendiaries or anything that produces a live flame, explosion (explosives) or spark.
  • Liquid dispensing props.
  • Items that shoot a projectile, for example toy guns (which are required to have an orange tip). Any projectiles must be removed prior to the convention to be allowed in and any toy or prop guns must checked-in upon entry.
  • Remote control props.
  • Chains that can be used as a weapon.
  • Heavy weighted wooden props.
  • Skates, roller-blades, skateboards or any other similar wheeled items.
  • Items that look like a weapon in the opinion of the security or SMASH Inc. This includes bags or props with compartments. If your bag is deemed unacceptable, you will be given a replacement bag to use during the convention.
  • Any item which SMASH Inc, security, the venue, or the law deems illegal or overly harmful.

Weapons will not be accepted under any circumstances and, depending on the situation, will be confiscated or handed to security. Props that are accepted must follow NSW laws and regulations – if it’s not allowed on any form of public transport, it is not allowed at SMASH!. If you do not agree, you will be asked and, if needed, escorted off the premises.

If you are found to be harbouring a prop that breaches the SMASH! Props Policy or is deemed harmful by SMASH Inc, security, or the venue, you will be asked to check in the prop. If you refuse, you will be escorted off the premise and/or handled by security.

If the prop is illegal it will be taken by venue security and dealt with in accordance with the NSW laws and regulations. If you refuse, you will be escorted off the premise and/or handled by security.

SMASH Inc reserves the right to check in any prop deemed inappropriate or dangerous to other attendees into the check-in desk for the course of the event and returned when you leave the convention.